Meet the Eryn Pink Organization

HairDrop & The Community:

A central part of our mission here at HairDrop is to support organizations doing the "good work" within the community. As such, we seek out quality organizations to support, financially and otherwise, so that they can continue to make an impact! Meet one of those organizations below and please consider supporting their mission.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Eryn PiNK Ltd. is to challenge the narrative of what it means to be a girl in today’s society, by inspiring girls to set standards and expectations that align with their values and morals, to encourage confidence so that they can confront stereotypes and peer pressure, and to empower them to find and use their voices.

Eryn PiNK is dedicated to motivating girls to embrace who she is and be the BEST at it.

We celebrate being a girl and you should too.

Learn more about Eryn Pink here:

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