The Best Ways to Keep Your Natural Hair Healthy


It’s not always easy to take care of natural hair. From styling and braiding, to brushing and washing, the process of caring for natural hair is different from traditional hair care. There are also a number of benefits that come with natural hair that give it an edge over traditional hair. But if you want your natural hair to stay healthy, there are steps you can take at home as well. For example, after washing your hair, it's important to condition it with an oil-based conditioner or leave-in moisturizer. Follow these simple tips to keep your natural hair looking healthy and beautiful.

The Advantages of Natural Hair

Natural hair has the advantage of shedding far less compared to the same length of relaxed hair. This helps to ensure a scalp doesn’t get irritated with the hair. Furthermore, it is also free from chemicals like ammonia, hydroquinone, and trichloroethylene (TCE). This makes it more gentle to deal with and healthier. Natural hair has also earned the tag of being the healthier alternative to conventional hair. It absorbs oil naturally without the use of products or conditioners. It is also less susceptible to dryness and breakage than conventional hair. For natural hair to remain healthy, it should be tended to properly. This means having a variety of hairstyles to choose from.

Natural is beautiful, God knew what he was doing.
- Lola Atobatele


During the summer, you're more likely to use heat from your hair straightener, and heat can break down your hair. However, once your hair cools down, your hair needs to get some moisture back. To help your hair retain moisture, condition it with a conditioner or leave-in moisturizer. Some other ways you can condition your hair include: washing your hair with a rich, deep conditioning shampoo. spritzing your hair with a water-based leave-in conditioner, combining your favorite shampoo and conditioner in one, for the best results. Washing with hot water can dry out your hair, which may cause frizz. In order to make your hair as healthy as possible, you'll want to wash it with cool water. To help your hair retain moisture, shampoo with an oil-based conditioner or leave-in moisturizer.


It’s important to style your natural hair the way you like it. People tend to try to straighten their natural hair because of the straightening and hair dyeing processes. These changes can make your hair look weaker than it actually is. But if you decide to straighten it and change the style of your natural hair, make sure you don’t allow the chemicals and heat from the iron to dry your hair out. Allow your hair to air-dry and let it be naturally curly. If you want to give your hair a wavy or wave, choose hair products that aren’t too hot, like lemon juice or vinegar. They’ll help your hair retain its natural curl while also preventing damage.

Protective Styles

Natural hairstyles come with their own set of challenges. Of course, they can look unnatural if you don’t know how to style them properly. However, styles that are protective have the advantage of protecting your hair from damaged due to washing or styling. Besides that, they help keep your hair from drying out, especially when you go all-natural. The braids will keep your hair from drying out as you brush it, and the hairstyle will hold your hair in place while you go about your day. This protective style is especially good for women who wear weaves or hair extensions, as it will protect their natural hair from snags and tangles.


Most women are attracted to natural hair because they think it's healthy, but don't know much about it. If you want to keep your natural hair healthy and beautiful, try making some changes and follow these simple tips.

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